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Sliding-Scale Payment

Long Spell’s Acute Care appointments are always paid on a sliding scale, from $25–75. The sliding-scale payment system is a way to enact economic justice through my practice, recognizing that there are many structural factors that affect people’s ability to access paid health care services like herbalism. I believe that herbalism is the people’s medicine, meaning it should not be a luxury commodity available to only wealthy people. Because it is not a modality that is eligible for subsidies from the state or private health insurance, that leaves it to practitioners to envision ways to expand access.

In sum: sliding scale is a form of mutual aid that allows people with more access to resources to directly support those with less. Community-level resource redistribution—how dreamy!!

How does the scale work?

This is how the sliding scale breaks down for Acute Care appointments:

  • the low end ($25) covers material costs and I volunteer my time
  • mid-scale ($50) covers my direct labour costs
  • the high-end ($75) covers my direct labour plus overhead and administrative costs

Where should you pay on the scale?

You are welcome to select a point anywhere on the scale, and it can be a different point on the scale every time you pay. If you are white, able-bodied, and/or receiving income at this time, please consider paying at the middle of the scale or higher. Here is a juicy, detailed article about sliding scale and some tools to help you orient yourself on the scale.

If the low end is not accessible to you, please check out the Pay-It-Forward program below. I trust you to assess your capacity. Thank you for supporting each other!!


If you want to work with me but my appointment fees are a barrier to access, this program subsidizes Acute Care appointments (down to $0 including your herbs and shipping). Priority is for priority for clients who self-identify as trans, disabled, and/or BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and/or people of colour) <3

How to access the program

Book an Acute Care appointment and leave me a note explaining that you want to access a cost-free appointment via the pay-it-forward program.

I recognize that oftentimes the most supportive healthcare is offered by a practitioner whose lived experience matches yours, and that’s not always gonna be a (temporarily) abled white person! If that’s the case for you, I’m happy to make a one-time contribution of $40 from my fund toward another practitioner’s fee, and can work with you on a referral if needed—let’s talk!

How to support the program

The core funding for this program comes from $5 redirected from each ongoing client who pays my full rate. I draw from the fund to cover my costs (herbs, shipping, and at least 1 hour of my time on top of what I actively spend with you). This currently covers 2–3 appointments per month in a way that’s sustainable for me.

If you would like to contribute to increase my capacity, THANK YOU! Please send an e-transfer (or PayPal payment) with “pay-it-forward” in the comments.


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