Going into year 2 of this garden I’m feeling GREAT! Last year we really had no idea what we’d inherited in terms of soil quality in the perennial beds so mostly I watched and learned. The soil had very little organic matter and awful structure so this year we added a TON of high quality soil amendment and I can already see the difference. Should also help to retain water which feels HUGE as we’re already experiencing water shortages here in the PNW. Very excited about the perennials that are already established here:

Viola / violet (pictured above)

Achemilla / Ladies mantle

Salvia / Common sage

Monarda / bergamot

Chamerion/Epilobium / fireweed

Particularly excited about the fireweed which is a volunteer and which survived the overzealous weeding of a neighbour last summer. It’s a fantastic topical with a particular affinity for arthritis pain, and is one of my go-tos for digestive spasms like the kind you get with IBS, c-diff infection, &c