Group Spells

Build your wellness toolkit in community! Long Spell’s signature group consultations are a unique form of community care offering focused, holistic support on specific health topics. 

Group Spells is participatory, accessible herbalism in an intimate group setting, guided by clinical energetic herbalist Gina Badger. Each three-month program includes a balance of pre-recorded and live sessions to help you create a customized herbal protocol. Eager to level up your herbal self-care, gain perspective on the bigger picture of your symptoms, and connect with some sweet beings along the way? Come co-create a space of community care that’s tailored to your needs!


Group Spells: Foundations

November: Restorative Rest

  • Resource your nervous system and meet stress with more resilience
  • Enhance your rest and restoration with calming adaptogens
  • Explore supportive sleep routines, from structured to intuitive

December: Balanced Digestion

  • Stoke your digestive fire with delicious custom bitters formulas
  • Soothe upset tummies with gut-healing teas
  • Learn why herbalists love talking about poop

January: Robust Immunity

  • Connect the dots between stress, digestion, and immunity
  • Replenish your immune reservoir with deep immune formulas
  • Design a routine for when you feel like you’re getting sick

Registration for Group Spells online is currently closed—to be notified when it opens up, join the waiting list below. If you are in Victoria, BC, please check out our 2022 offerings in collaboration with Heart & Hands.

What's included?

Three live 90-minute sessions:

  • Held on Tuesday evenings or Saturday mornings – you choose
  • Small group so we can create a strong container
  • Self-assessment questions help you focus your work and identify health goals
  • Share your experience with the group & witness others’ similar process
  • Not recorded so we can create a strong community container

Three pre-recorded 90-minute presentations:

  • Overview of the month’s theme, anatomy and physiology, materia medica (all about the plants), and basic formulation
  • Watch at any point before the live sessions

Three herbal formulas:

  • After every live session, you’ll draft a custom herbal formula
  • Support from Gina to refine and finalize it
  • Shipped to you (shipping charged separately)

One 30-minute one-on-one session with Gina:

  • Focused attention for your health concerns
  • Can be booked at any point during the program, up to January 31, 2022
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Meet your herbalist

I’m Gina Badger, and I’m the Clinical Energetic Herbalist who runs Group Spells. The reason I love group work is that it upholds herbalism as the people’s medicine: financially accessible, participatory, and plugged into community. Creating a shared space to learn about and deepen our healing, together, is powerful magic that honours the plants, the earth, and our collectivity. Learn more about my approach here.


When do we meet?

Live sessions meet on Tuesday or Saturday – you choose

Tuesday, 5:30–6:30 PM Pacific Time / 8:30–10 PM Eastern Time:

November 2, December 7, January 11


Saturday, 10:30 AM–12 PM Pacific Time / 1:30–3:00 PM Eastern Time:

November 6, December 11, January 15

Can’t make either time? Fill out the registration form to join the wait list


What’s the cost?

$270 + applicable taxes

Financial accessibility and mutual aid:

To support financial accessibility, interest-free payment plans are available (three equal payments of $90 – or more, smaller payments if needed)

For marginalized people with financial need, a limited number of spots are available for the discounted price of $170

Payment plans and discount are both described in more detail in the registration questionnaire

5% of proceeds will be donated to BIPOC-led mutual aid, organizing, or herbal education projects

Excited about community-powered resource redistribution? Read more about Long Spell’s programs here


Is this for me?

This offering is for anyone who wants to build their self-care tools to support foundational resilience, and who’s ready to learn about the practical application of safe, accessible herbs


Open to current clients as well as folks new to my practice

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