Group Spells

Build your wellness toolkit in community!

Long Spell’s signature group consultations are a unique form of community care offering focused, holistic support on specific health topics. Monthly live sessions include up to 10 participants with related wellness goals, guided by clinical energetic herbalist Gina Badger.

The structure is super participatory, with more group work or support group vibes than what you’d find in a traditional class or workshop. In each session, reflection and self-assessment questions will help you focus your work and identify health goals. You’ll be invited to share your experience & witness others’ similar process. In essence, as a Group Spells participant you’ll be co-creating a space of community care that’s tailored to your needs!

You’ll get lots of content from Gina to guide you along the way — supporting you to gain a holistic understanding of the topic, develop tailored approaches for self-care, and get to know specific supportive herbs you can start working with right away.


Fall 2021: Rupture & Resilience

Being well and being sick are not mutually exclusive forms of embodiment! Each moment of struggle, each experience of illness comes with opportunities to heal. During this three-month program, you’ll receive the guidance of a clinical herbalist and the support of a community as you put together a simple, customized herbal protocol to support the foundations of resilience.

Month 1: Sleep

Month 2: Digestion

Month 3: Immune System

Registration opening soon! 

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Who is it for?

This offering is for anyone who wants to build their self-care tools in relation to the specific topics for each session, and who’s ready to learn about the practical application of safe, accessible herbs


Open to current clients as well as folks new to my practice


What's the structure?

Sessions are live so that we can create a strong community container

We meet as a small group — max 10 people per session

Sign up is for a block of three monthly sessions

Sessions are 2.5 hours each, with time split between content shares from Gina, reflection and self-assessment questions, opportunities to share your experience with the group and feedback from Gina

Saturdays, 11am–1pm PST / 2–4pm EST


What’s the cost?



3x 2.5-hour group sessions

1x 30-minute 1:1 appointment

3x custom formulas

Generous payment plans available, details coming soon