The Long Spell

Plant medicine for people who give a f*ck

Our individual bodies are connected to the ecological, political, and economic wreckage of late capitalism. We each feel it in our own way—pain and fatigue, trouble sleeping, digestive issues, chronic infections, anxiety and depression—plain old feeling bad.

Let’s be real, no healing modality focused on 1:1 work can dismantle the systems that cause this suffering. The wellness industry’s relentless pursuit of personal optimization is clearly not going to get us to a more just and joyful world.

For that, of course, we need collective action—each one of us contributing in our own way. Plant medicine has something special to offer because it is by nature a medicine of relationship, of reciprocal care, of connection to the more than human world.

The Long Spell crafts healing relationships in service of collective liberation

Working closely with clinical energetic herbalist Gina Badger, you’ll attend to your pain, build trust in your body, and gather the courage of your conviction—so you can show up brilliant and generous for your work in the world.

You + me + the plants = your healing dream team

The Long Spell is 6 months of all-inclusive herbal care anchored in biweekly one-on-ones with clinical energetic herbalist Gina Badger & lovingly prepared, ethically sourced plant medicines


To get started, book your free, 20-minute video call

Powerful plant medicines & supportive daily practices to address the patterns underlying your symptoms

Intro Call Our work together begins with a 2-hour intake appointment where you have ample time to share your story and your health challenges. We’ll dig deep, making sure to understand all aspects of what’s going on for you.

Treatment Mapping Following your intake, we’ll over your holistic assessment and treatment map. After this appointment, you’ll get your first care package of customized herbal medicines.

Monthly Clinical Calls Hour-long calls to track how you’re doing as the plants work their magic, making connections between physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. We’ll check in with your intentions, take note of shifts, and celebrate your good work.

Monthly Coaching Calls Half-hour-long calls focused on the how of plant medicine—daily rituals and simple practices to develop a partnership with the plants that will support you for years to come.

Monthly Plant Medicine Care Packages Each month you’ll work with a custom herbal protocol just for you, prepared intentionally with ethically sourced whole-plant medicines—lovingly packed and shipped to your door. Preparations include tinctures, teas, and/or topicals such as salves and creams as needed.

Email Support When questions, concerns, or new symptoms come up in between our calls—or if you want to share some good news—my inbox is open to you!

Resource Library If you’re feeling called to nerd out on your own, you can explore a growing resource library on topics like how to take tinctures, intro to the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system, and basic materia medica (i.e. the plants and their medicine), plus guided meditations to deepen your relationship with the plants.

Working with herbalism embeds you in a network that extends to growers, medicine-makers and traditional knowledge-keepers, to the plants themselves and their crawling and furry allies, to nutrient and water cycles. In other words, it invites you into a political ecology of care.

Medicine Made Just For You

Our health struggles can seem like they’re just annoyances distracting us from our real work—in fact, attending to them is often the key to our healing. The Long Spell could be a good fit for you if you’re looking for holistic support with issues such as:

  • burnout, sleep issues, anxiety, depression
  • dietary intolerances, bloating, indigestion
  • inflammatory and autoimmune conditions, allergies, eczema, psoriasis
  • chronic infections and post-viral conditions

The Long Spell is individualized support to help you go deep with the plants and with yourself. You will get the most out of the program if you’re in a place to show up with intention, curiosity, and a willingness to slow down.

Meet Your Herbalist


Gina Badger, MSc, Clinical Energetic Herbalist

I’m Gina (they/she), and I’ll be your guide and plant match-maker for The Long Spell. This offering is the most generous, comprehensive clinical package I could dream up, and it represents everything I’ve learned about healing with herbs through 2500+ training hours over 15 years, 4+ years in private practice, and my own health challenges including burnout working in the nonprofit arts sector for a decade. Read more about my approach and training here.

The Long Spell of healing relationships:

  • Intro Call – the foundation of our work
  • Treatment Map – our guide along the way
  • Monthly Clinical Calls – digging deep together
  • Monthly Coaching Calls – practices to stay on track
  • Monthly Plant Medicine Care Packages – made with love just for you
  • Email Support – stay connected between calls
  • Bonus Resource Library – self-study & plant meditations
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Your investment is $399/month

Get the ball rolling with your free, 20-minute video call

The Fine Print

This is a remote offering; all calls are phone/voice calls

Calls can be booked on Wednesdays (2–8pm PT) and Thursdays (9:30am–5pm PT)

Payment of $399/month will be charged to your credit card

Herbal formulas and shipping are included in your monthly payment

While payments are applied monthly, when you sign up for this offering you are committing to 6 months of working together. I am a self-employed person without backup income, and this payment structure is in place to respect my time, energy, and ability to support myself with this work

If The Long Spell is just what you need but $399/month is beyond your means, longer-term, shame-free, no interest payment plans are freely available—no questions asked. You’ll be able to select this option when you sign up

If you would like to access my support in a different format, stay tuned for the fall 2022 relaunch of Group Spells—clinical herbalism, collectivized